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Tour to China

C. Tour to China from Mongolia

Duration: 14n/15d
Transport: Bus/Minibus/Minivan
Large group: over 10 people
Small group: 5-9 people
Individual: 1-5 people
Day 1: Arrive at Beijing from Ulaanbaatar by  plane or train.   Transfer to the hotel. City tour if time available. (D)
Day 2: Visit the Badaling Great Wall, the most magnificent man-made project on earth. The Great Wall was built 2,500 years ago and stretched more than 6,000 km. It is one of the most spectacular architectures and fortifications of ancient China. Visit  the Ming Tombs and the Lama Temple. Among the thirteen tombs, Chang Ling, the tomb  of Emperor Yong Le, built first, is the largest and the best preserved  with a history of more than 500 years! A 7 kilometers long passageway called the Sacred Way leads to the tombs along the passageway leading to The Great Red Gate (Dahong Men), Stela Pavilion, a group of stone statues, and Dragon & Phoenix Gate. In front of the Great Red Gate, there stands an elegant marble monument.  (B+L+D) 
Day 3: Visit the Tian’anmen Square, It was first built in the 15 years of the Ming Emperor Yongle (1417 A.D.) as the main gate leading to the forbidden city during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Visit the Forbidden City, the Imperial palace for the emperors and their families during the Ming – 1368 to 1644 and Qing – 1644 to 1911 dynasties. The largest and the most complete and well preserved among the palaces existing in China now, and one of the most sublime and luxurious ancient palatial architectures in the world. The Forbidden City was home to 24 emperors in its over 500 years of history. This is also China’s largest cultural museum, where more than 900,000 pieces of cultural relics and ancient art are kept and displayed. Visit the Summer palace, a classical imperial garden, was originally a temporary abode for Qing royalties during hot summers. They often held their birthday celebrations here. Within the Palace are towering hills, meandering paths and long corridors. Over 3,000 architectures are scattered among its hills and around lakes. Beijing Duck Dinner and Beijing Opera are served in the evening. (B+L+D)
Day 4: Visit the Temple of Heaven where emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties made sacrifices and worshipped Heaven. They also performed their prayers for good harvests here. The main architectures of the Tiantan Park are the Qinian Hall, the Imperial Mausoleum of Emperor Qianlong, the Imperial Vault of Heaven and the Circular Mound Altar. The famous Echo Wall and Triple-Sound Stones are housed within the Imperial Vault of Heaven. 
Take flight to Hangzhou and transfer to the  hotel. The local specialty Dumpling Dinner is  served. (B+L+D)
Day 5: Visit the Six Harmonies Pagoda, the Lingyin Temple and the West Lake. (B+L+D)
Day 6: Take the soft seat train to Suzhou and transferred  to the hotel.  Visit the Tiger Hill. (B+L+D) 
Day 7: Full day tour to the Humble Administrator’s Garden, the Hanshan Temple and the Lingering Garden. (B+L+D). 
Day 8: Take the soft seat train to Shanghai and transferred  to the hotel. Visit the Shanghai Museum, the Jade Buddha Temple and the Bund. (B+L+D)
Day 9: See off at Shanghai airport. (B)

Tour to China from Mongolia

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