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Lake Hovsgol

K. Lake Hovsgol Tours in Mongolia

Duration: 14n/15d
Transport: Bus/Mini van/Jeep
Large group: over 8 people
Small group: 3-7 people
Individual: 1-2 people
Day 1: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar.  Accommodation in hotel. City sightseeing. National folk and dance concert.
Day 2: Drive to Amarbayasgalant Khiid a beautiful monastery which was erected in 1726. If you like fishing you can do it on the Orkhon river. The Orkhon river has its source in the Khangai Mountain Range and flows 1.124 kilometers, joining the Selenge river in northern Mongolia and so to Lake Baikal in Siberia. The main tributaries of the Orkhon river are the Tamir and Yeroo rivers, which have their source in the Khentii and Khangai mountain ranges. The Orkhon River has numerous species of fish such as Pike, Mirror Carp, Baikal Sturgeon, Taimen, Sig, River Perch, Siberian Umber, Roach, Ide, Bull Ide, Golden Carp, Amur Catfish and Burbot. Overnight in tourist camp.
Day 3: Arrive in Bulgan town via Erdenet city. Visit the Museum of Mineralogy in Erdenet city. Overnight in local hotel.
Day 4: Travel to Moron town.  On this way you can see: Urantogoo, Tulga and Jalavch Uul are extinct volcanoes enjoying State protection. The Bai Bulag ruins of a trade center of Uigar people in the 9th-10th Century. A deer decorated stone of the Bronze Age (3.000-1.000 years ago). This way is lies across Selenge River largest river in Mongolia. Lenok, Sig Umber, Pike are there. Overnight in tents.
Day 5: Arrive in Lake Hovsgol Nuur via Khatgal Soum. Accommodation in Ger Hotel. Whole day of relaxing: swimming, boating and enjoying the beautiful lakeside. The lake Hovsgol, the deepest lake in Central Asia and elevated over 1645 meters above sea level. Since the lake formed as a result of oro-genetic process, its water content is high ( 384km), and almost 70%  of  its bottom area are deeper than 100 meters. Containing extremely little content of mineral salts and organic substances, the water of  Hovsgol is clean and rich in oxygen even in the depth. Due to the transparency of the water, the fishes are visible even from a depth of dozens meters. A thousand of brooks tribute the lake while only the river Egein has its source from Hovsgol, and, flows to the big river Selenge, and further to the lake Baikal. The Mongols call the lake with love the “Hovsgol Sea”. Overnight in Ger camp.
Day 6: Travel to Lakes Dood and Tsagaan  which are located in Darkhadiin Khotgor-a large geological depression 100 km in length, between the mountains of Khoridol Saridig and Ulaan Uul. Elk, Reindeer, Argali, Siberian Ibex in the mountains. The waterfall on the Arsain river is the highest waterfall in Mongolia. The Lake Tsagaan is rich in fish including Taimen, Lenok, Sig, Siberian Grayling, Roach, Burbot. Overnight in Ger camp.
Day 7: Whole days of hiking along forests, go by horse or by reindeer to the reindeer breeders. Eurasian Otter and Asiatic Wild Dog live here and Saussurea involucrata is found. Overnight in Ger camp.
Day 8: Drive for Hovsgol town. On the way watch out the Ovoo (a small hill of  respect) Shadar Van dating from the 18th Century and ruins of  Chingunjav on the territory of Burentogtokh Soum. There is a  palace ruins of Monkh Khan who lived in the13th Century. Overnight in local hotel.
Day 9: Arrive in Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan  an astonishingly beautiful lake with crystal fresh water. On the east of the Lake lies dead volcano – Khorgo Uul State protection as a National Park. By the way  visit a small museum to Gongor, who was a tallest man (265 cm) in Mongolia in Jargalant soum. Overnight in Ger camp.
Day 10: Travel to the remarkable Hot Spa of Tsenkheriin Khaluun Us with issuing at a scalding +86,5oC with the stench of hydrogen sulphide (rotten eggs smell).  On the way you can visit Zayan Gegeenii Hiid a large old Buddhist Monastery, remarkably intact, preserved as a museum but with an active community of monks. The first temple was opened in 1586, expanded to 5 temples in 1679. The contents are magnificent, housing many treasures, clothes, seals, games, weapons, ceremonial masks and fine collection of Mongolian musical instruments. Also see Taikhar Chuluut is a mysterious steep sided pinnacle of 25 m high, almost impossible to climb & rising abruptly from the flat grassland of the gravel spreads of the Tamir river. There is no agreement  amongst geologists on the origin of this puzzling phenomenon, the pinnacle is worshipped as a deity, and remains an enigma. Overnight in Ger camp.
Day 11: A half day of relaxing, having a bath of hot water. Arrive in Karakorum, the ancient capital city of the Mongolian Chinggis Khan’s Empire of  13th Century.  Overnight in “Mongon Mod” Ger camp.
Day 12: Visit Erdene Zuu Monastery, which is the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. It was built
at  the initiative of the most influential Khalkha lord Abtai Khan, in 1586 on the spot where was
Karakorum, the famous capital of the Mongolian Empire of the 13th century .The territory of the monastery occupies an area of 400 square meters and is surrounded by a tone wall with 108 stupas. The stone columns, blocks and sculptures excavated from the ruins of the city show that various building materials were used in the construction of this monastery, which began in the 16th century and continued until the 19th century. Erdene Zuu monastery was severally damaged at the end of the XVII century and the beginning of the XVIII centuries at the time of the struggle of the Mongolians against the Manchu invaders. It was restored several times, in 1760-1796 and in 1808-1814.  Visit Shankh temple where is kept the Black flag of Chinggis Khan soldiers’. Visit nomadic family to introduce to their style of life, horse ride. Overnight in Ger hotel. 
Day 13: Drive back to Ulaanbaatar. On the way you will see the unique natural appearance- Sand dunes among mountains. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, accommodation in hotel.
Day 14: Visit Gandan Monastery and Natural History Museum, shopping. Overnight in hotel.
Day 15: Departure.

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