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Chinggis Khan Study

CH. Chinggis Khan Study Tour

Duration: 10n/11d
Transport: Bus/Minivan/Jeep
Large group: over 8 people
Small group: 3-7 people
Individual: 1-2 people
Day 1: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar.  Accommodation in hotel. City sightseeing. National folk and dance concert.
Day 2: Arrive in Omnodelger soum of Khentii aimag. Accommodation in Ger hotel.
On this way you will see two historical places. The first is the ruins of an ancient city of Kidan State (9 to 11th Century AD), the second – is rectangular tomb which could be related to another Mongolian State at the time of the Huns (3rd Century BC to 2nd Century AD).
Day 3: Visit ancient monastery Bereeven and “Uglugchiin” Fortress of Chinggis Khan period, height – 1,70 – 3 m; length – 12 km. Visit Rashaan Khad – stone pictures and about 20 inscribed stones aged from Stone Age to 17 century A.D. on Orkhon Yenisei, Arabic, Persian, Mongolian, Tuvd and Kidan letters. There is a smithy of Stone Age and about 400 stone seals. “Deer” Stone; Bronze Age tombs, beautiful lake with many  birds, nice steppe.
Overnight in Ger camp.
Day 4-5: Arrive in Dadal soum of Khentii aimag. Accommodation in Ger hotel. In this area you will see: -  Secret History of Mongols. The northern part of Khentii Aimag is a historical region where many events mentioned  in the Secret History of the Mongols” have occurred. For example there are places such as Tsaitiin Tsagaan Tal, Jalman Talietc. -  Birthplace of Chinggis Khan. It is considered that the birthplace of Chinggis Khan is a hill, at an altitude of 1,231 meters above sea level and located northwest from the center of Binder soum.

-  Onon river abounds in fish, for instance Sturgeon, Taimen, Lenok, Amur Chub, and etc. The Onon river and it’s basin is considered to be the place of origin of all Mongols and it is closely connected with the name of the Great Khan Chinggis.

-  The lake of Gurvan Nuur Rashaan. This lake water is used for curative purposes.

-  Monument of Chinggis Khan. Gurvan Nuur Lake is also famous for having the first monument to Chinggis Khan, erected in 1962.

-  Balj river. The Balj river is an eastern tributary of the Onon.  Many of local places are mentioned in the “Secret History of the Mongols”.

-  Chinggis Mountain. The mountain range extends for about 270 km through the territory of Dornod Aimag and beyond  the border of Mongolia.

Day 6-8: Arrive in Delgerkhaan soum. Overnight in Ger camp. In this area you will see following historical places and places of natural beauty:

-  Rashaan ders it was a capital city of Great Mongolian Empire between 1189-1217. There is a Ger base of Esugei (farther of Chinggis Khan). This is a place where governed Mongolian Great Khans – Chinggis, Uguudei, Gueg, Munkh.

-  In the sourth of Rashaan ders there are ancient tombs of common people of 13-14 century. “Fortress of Blue River” – which was for the army of Hunnu – from 4-3 centuries B.C. to A.D. I century. Also, there is a Man Stone (turkic, A.D. 8-6 century).

-  Kherlen-Toono Mountain – tombs of 12-8 centuries B.C. – 14-15 century A.D.

-  Ruins of ancient city of Kidan State (9 to 11th Century AD), the second one is a rectangular tomb which could be related to the  another Mongolian State of the time of the Huns (3rdCenturry BC to 2nd Century AD).

-  Ih Aguit – Cave (15-16 century) with a length of 10 metres, width – 5 m, height – 3 m There are symmetrical made stone tables and chairs inside of Cave. It’s a beautiful place with lake and forest.

-  Huiten Am – Mountain, where all kinds of animals are spotted.

-  Fortress of Blue River – beautiful sand stripe. Peak of the Mountain Herlen Bayan Ulaan – there are 13 traditional hillocks, created by Chinggis Khan.

-  Avraga river. The river was named the “Avraga” because of the palace of Chinggis Khan which was built on its bank. There is a spring on the valley of the river Avraga, with a   bicarbonate and carbonic gas composition.

-  Toson lake. Toson lake water includes carbonate, soda and chlorine and is used as a curative bath. There is a sanatorium here.

Day 9: Return to Ulaanbaatar. Relaxing, Shopping. Overnight in Hotel.
Day 10: Departure.

Chinggis Khan Study Tour

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