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Bicycle tour in Mongolia

Duration: 7n/8d
Transport: Bus/Minivan/Jeep
Large group: 8 people plus
Small group: 3 – 7  people
Individual: 1 – 2  people
Day 1: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar.  Accommodation in hotel. City sightseeing. National folk and dance concert.
Day 2: Leave for Ondor Shireet Soum. Start bicycle trip.  Travel by bicycle along the main road for 25 km. Overnight in tents.  
Day 3: Continue to travel  by bicycle for 25 km along country road. Arrive in Karakorum. Overnight in tourist camp.
Day 4: Continue bicycle travel through the mountains. Visit  Shankh Temple. Shankh temple is one of the ancient monasteries of Mongolia, which  used to keep the Chinggis Khaan’s military black banner. Overnight in Ger hotel.
Day 5: Travel by bicycle to Erdene Zuu Monastery, which is the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. It was built at the initiative of the most influential Khalkha lord Abtai Khan, in 1586 on the spot where Karakorum, the famous capital of the Mongolian  Empire of the 13th century. The territory of the monastery occupies an area of 400 square meters and is surrounded by a stone wall with 108 stupas. The stone columns, blocks and sculptures excavated from the ruins of the city show that various building materials were used in the construction of this monastery, which began in the 16th century and continued until the 19th century. Erdene Zuu monastery was severally damaged at the end of the XVII century and the beginning of the XVIII centuries at the time of the struggle of the Mongolians against the Manchu invaders. It was restored several times, in 1760-1796 and in 1808-1814. Travel along the main road by bicycle for approximately 13 km. Visit a nomadic family. Observe nomadic way of life. Taste milk products, airag (mare’s milk).  Horse ride.  Overnight in tourist camp.
Day 6: Travel by bicycle along the steppe. Overnight in tourist camp.
Day 7: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar.  Overnight in hotel.
Day 8: Departure

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