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Special Events

New Year’s first sunrise tour
01 January, Every year
Khangai crossword, 80 km from Ulaanbaatar

Mongolians have a tradition to climb the nearest sacred hill or mountain on the first morning of the New year, offering dishes and burning juniper and incense sticks to welcome the New year. This Mongolian tradition is rather similar to the Japanese custom, where on the first day, the people admire the sunrise and predict the features of the forth coming year.
We offer you the chance to watch the sunrise on the first morning of New year in Mongolia from train and are sure that you will enjoy horse riding throughout the wide steppe on a winter morning in your country.

“National costumes festival”
9-10 February, 2 March, 15 June, 8-9 July, 15 September, Every year

Mongolian national costumes and culture have left a significant imprint in the world history, and being inherited of years. Traditional fashion show, exhibition of National costumes will be held during the 2009 in order to promote and spread knowledge wonderful costumes and culture.

“Tsagaan Sar”
17-18 February, Every year
Tuv province, 114 km from Ulaanbaatar

Tsagaan sar which Mongolian Lunar new year is celebrate for three days according to the lunar calendar at the junction of winter and spring. During the holidays, Mongolians dress traditional outfits, prepare traditional food, pay tribute to religious and hereditary customs, relish singing and having fun. It should be noted that each year the Tsagaan Sar may fall on different dates of the Gregorian Calendar in January or February.

“Ice Festival”
20-21 February 2009
Huvsgul province, Hatgal sum

“Ice Festival” offer you an opportunity to taste the crispy, icy and sunny Mongolian winter. To make you fully enjoy the Mongolian winter the Huvsgul Camp offers you to stay in ice gers. You will be able to have a life-lasting experience of riding Mongolian horses or if you wish, even reindeer, in the sparking snow…,

“Thousand Camel Festival”
23-24 February, Every year
South Gobi province, Bulgan sum

Travel first to the “Ice Festival” on magnificent Lake Huvsgul where you will enjoy local competitions. Afterwards, travel south to the Gobi Desert to attend the renowned “Thousand Camel Festival”, organized by a local non-governmental organization working to protect and preserve the Bactrian camel population, which has been steadily declining over the past twelve years. This extraordinary festival allows travelers a rare opportunity to interact with and learn first-hand about these amazing animals and the camel herders’ nomadic lifestyle. Highlights of the festival include camel races, performances by traditional Mongolian musicians and dancers, and visits to significant paleontological and cultural sites of the Gobi …

“Winter Skating Marathon”
16-18 March, Every year
Huvsgul province, Hatgal sum

“Winter Skating Marathon” will be organized in the Huvsgul lake of Huvsgul province as bringing new challenge for developing winter tourism in Mongolia.
Imagine something unique … Skating in the slippery ice of the beautiful Huvsgul lake under sun shining blue sky and enjoy living in the winter like nomads do … are part of the marathon.

“Mongolian Horses”
04 June, 04 August, Every year
Tuv province, 114 km from Ulaanbaatar

The event will provide you a chance to meet with the methods and technology how to prepare ‘airag’ /fermented mare’s milk/ traditional dairy product and to show the proud which expresses the power and strength of a horseman how to break an unbroken horse for riding, to catch horses with a lasso-pole and snatch a lasso-pole laying on the ground.

“Tsaatan Festival”
29-30 June, Every year
Huvsgul province

Tsaatan festival provides great opportunity to see Tsaatan people’s ancestral culture and to play reindeer polo. We also will be happy tourist desire to join yak caravan, reindeer and horse riding, have a journey on boat or canoe.

“Beautiful Mongolia-Gala concert”
July 8, 11, Every year
Ulaanbaatar and Gachuurt

We proudly present to you the high-light of this year’s Naadam festival. Come and join us on this special evening to enjoy and admire the captivating music skillfully performed by our traditional instrumental orchestra for your heart’s delight and delectation. Not only will you be immersed in traditional music, featuring the nomadic way of life and its unique culture but also your ears will be enchanted with world’s best of classics at this annual performance.

“Mongolian National Costumes festival”
09-10 July, Every year
Tuv province, 65 km from Ulaanbaatar

Mongolian National Costumes Festival is a bright example of culture that introduces foreign guests and tourists to the marvels of national costumes and folk performances in the country. The festival will take place in the beautiful Terelj National Park, in 65 km from UB.

“Best Fashion Collection”
14 June; 08 July; 02,16 August; 8 September, Every year

Demonstrating and showing for tourists the history and development of Mongolian traditional customs.

“Sandbaggers Gobi challenge”
29 June; 8 June, Every year
South Gobi

Since the inaugural Gobi Challenge in August 2003 the event has grown steadily, gaining a truly international feel and in 2009 will feature participants and teams from as far reaching as Australia, Wales, Mongolia, England, Ireland and Scotland. Participants will cross-mountains, desert plain and massive sand dunes, sleeping each night under the stars and becoming totally absorbed into the true wilderness of the Gobi. I’s a tough race but a truly spectacular one which can easily claim to be among the most adventurous events on Earth.

“Golden Gobi”
19 July, Every year

To demonstrate performance especially showing Mongolian national costume which successfully passed historical severe wind and related style of living culture and tradition. You will see incredible wearing combination of Mongolian kings and queen’s costumes and decorations, accessories and boots.

“Mongolian horse festival”
21-22 July, Every year
Uvurhangai province 290 km from Ulaanbaatar

Will be organized in Elsen Tasarhai /sand stretch/, where places of natural beauty like steppe and desert co-exist together. During the fest, race of 5-year old horses will be held besides some shows such as catching horses with lasso-pole, training of untamed horses, and other sport shows.

“Ceremony of Summoning Spirits of the Great Chinggis Khan’s Imperial Guards”
12 August, Every year

This Festival is specially organized to introduce foreign guests to the life, culture, and history of Mongolians including the Great Chinggis Khan, other kings and queens, nobles, warriors and nomadic people of 13th Century. This festival includes events such as sporting games, cultural performances, introduction to nomadic traditions, an offering ceremony to Ovoo and an “Open Fire Feast”. As one of the specific features of the festival, nearly 100 warriors on horseback along with around 200 additional specialists will be participated.

“The Grand Orchestra of the Mongolian National Song and Dance”
15 August, Every year
Terelj National Park, 70 km from UB

The Grand Orchestra of the Mongolian National Song and Dance will play different musical instruments including stringed instrument, wind instrument, and percussion instruments in outdoors in the green landscape of the Park. Spectacular masterpieces of classical music and the best of Mongolian melodies will spread over.

“The Golden Naadam”
21 August, Every year
Terelj National Park, 70 km from UB

The Naadam Festival, a traditional celebration inherited from olden days, is the biggest national event for the Mongolians. The word “naadam” means “games”. The festival’s full tittle is “Eriin Gurvan Naadam”, which can be translated as The Three Manly Games. It consists of wrestling, horseracing, and archery.

“Felt Fest”
25-26 August, Every year
Uvurhangai province, 290 km from UB

Mongolian felt fest is your lucky chance to observe one of wonders of the nomadic traditional technology of making felt.  Some techniques of making felt such as combing, laying out, and dragging with horse will be performed and some handcraft items made of felt available for purchasing.

“The pride of Mongolia”

03 August, Every year
Tuv province, 56 km from UB

The Event includes:
- Horse festival
- “Tsam” traditional and religious dance, performed with mask
- Exhibition of unique antique in the ancient monk’s ger
- Camp fire and Shaman performance at night

“Follow in the footsteps of Chinggis Khan”
12-21 August, 02-11 September, Every year

There is no better way to explore Mongolia than on horseback. The event will provide to all participants a chance to wear traditional costumes and equipment of the ancient, while eroding through landscapes greatly unchanged since the founding of the Mongolian Empire.

“World Melody”
1-7 September, Every year

Since 2004, “World Melody” International folk art festival successfully organized in Mongolia by Mongolian Association of IOV. The main purpose of this festival leads to advertise national art throughout the world with its specific nature and tradition. Besides we strive to introduce world culture to our people and youngsters. The folk art groups and artists from different countries will alternately participated in the festival. In this year artists came from Scotland, Belgium, Russia, Japan, Turkey and Iran.

“Hunting with eagles”
6-7 October, Every year
Bayan-Ulgii province

Riding out to the peak of the mountains each day, you will be introduced firsthand to the ancient custom of hunting with Golden Eagles. Specially timed during the winter months, Kazak people track small rabbits and foxes in the snow. Kazaks release the eagles into the wild at the age of seven, while they still have half of their lifespan remaining, in order to ensure preservation of the species.

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