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Nomadic Culture

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Mongolia is historically and constitutionally a nomadic culture. Its pasture land supporting over 50 million herd animals has always been common domain, and the Constitution of Mongolia states that the pasture land shall never be privatized. Roaming freely from one corner of Mongolia to another has been a guaranteed freedom for herders of this land and Mongolian people and government are determined to leave this tradition intact to next generations.

Nomadic lifestyle created fascinating cultures and arts of survival and living. Travelers will experience elements of nomadic lifestyle during their stay in Mongolia. Our nearly three million horses match the number of our human population. Therefore, Mongolia is a sure place to ride horseback as much as you please.

Living in a ger, the nomadic traditional dwelling, will give you a special connection to nature. The sky and the sun will be right above you through the toono (a window atop the ger) and you’ll hear the wind, the birds, the herds of your surroundings while staying in your ger. Because of the ger’s enormous role in sustaining nomadic culture, the traditions related to the ger and the art of its making have been registered as anintangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

Nomadic cultural heritage and lifestyle is very much alive and close to the centuries old traditions thanks to the nomadic herders of Mongolia. Many tourism companies closely work with the local nomads who are willing to offer their services to tourists. At the same time some nomadic communities also form their own tourism co-op.

Thanks to these collaborations, tourists have many exciting choices of experience such as camel riding, yak festivals, goat and sheep milking, reindeer riding, ox-cart riding, milk product making, fishing, hiking and so on. As the main tourist season of Mongolia also coincides with the busiest season for the nomads, it is better to arrange your nomadic adventures through a tourism company or tour operator in order not to unduly disturb nomadic family lives.2

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