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Mongolian Dwelling

Mongolian GerMongolian dwellings have evolved with nomadic life. Ger in contemporary use are collapsible and easily transportable. The need for a portable dwelling is obvious for a people following their herds and seeking new pastures. The Mongol ger was developed by the nomads in ancient times and has continued to be used to the present day, although in recent decades it is rapidly giving way to permanent housing. The walls of the ger are made from narrow birch willows formed into a lattice framework and held together by leather strips. Door sections are separate units, and the ceiling is formed from an umbrella like framework, also of slender poles referred to as “uni”. In the center of the ceiling is a hole, called “toono”, which is approximately one yard in diameter. It allows smoke to escape and fresh air and light to enterMongolian Ger.  The entire outside surface of the ger is covered with felt, tied in place by ropes made of hair and wool. During the winter wood is placed against it to keep cold air from entering the ger. A Mongol ger always faces southeast, mainly because the winds come from the northwest. When visitors come to the ger, the host may seat himself to the right of the door and urge the guest to be seated in the honored place. Modern cities have begun to row in various parts of Mongolia, but there are still clusters of traditional ger dwellings. So Mongolian gers are still a common feature of national life

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