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  • Travel to Mongolia

    We have many years of experience of handling tours in Mongolia. All our tours will bring you unforgettable memories and enjoyment.

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    There are plenty of places to go to! You can use the subway, rail, bus or ferry to get to your destination. 

  • Fly fishing tour Mongolia


    In Mongolia there are so many types of fishes around here. Biggest river and lakes are travelling with our tour project. You can discover it.



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Why travel to Mongolia with Intourtrade?

Travelling to Mongolia is one of the best travels in the World. Because Mongolia is one of the last remained country with nomadic style of  life. Intourtrade will guide you most attractive, adventure tours for you.

We got - Experience

We promise – Adventure

We serve – Comfortable

We guide – Mongolian History

     Our main profile is a tourism business. Our company is dedicated to the principle of arranging the widest and most comprehensive range of adventure and nature travel services in Mongolia, Russia and China. Mongolia – the only country in the world where the nomadic culture and civilization have been saved. Relatively unchanged for centuries, Mongolia has one of the last remaining horse based, nomadic cultures in the world.

     Our customers can enjoy our partner hotels in Ulaanbaatar and our own tourist Ger camp in Karakorum, 350 km from Ulaanbaatar. This place is famous for it’s historical and cultural remains. There are ruins of Kara Korum, the ancient capital of 13th century of Mongolian Chinggis Khan Empire, Erdene ? Zuu, the first Buddhist Monastery built in 1568, functioning now and a lot of another sights.
We receive individual travelers or groups for adventure, fishing, riding, hiking, bicycling, wild nature, hunting, photo safari and historical tours. Meticulously we organize every detail of your adventure, ensuring that your personal experience is never compromised. With everything tailor-made and taken care of, you can sit back, relax and escape into our exciting domain of adventure.
Also, our company staff would be happy to organize a special interest tours to all geographical zones of Mongolia ( Gobi desert, forest, mountain, steppe, lakes with very best of clean water and etc. ).

Other main activities of our company:

  • Your flight reservation to and from Ulaanbaatar (domestic and international).
  • You may find highly discounted international air fares.
  • Hotel reservation. We reserve the hotel of your choice within Mongolia as well as in China and Russia.
  • Rent a car. Available to rent a car with driver  in a very low price.

    Our company cooperates with travel companies from USA, Belgium, Japan, China, Russia, Singapore and etc.

   We  look forward to hear from you and don’t forget the vast open steppe and eternal blue sky is waiting for you to be shared as a special secret.

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